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Setting up a brand new Memorial 🔧⚙️

Maybe you've got a brand new Memorial in your hands already. Or you're curious how setup works, and if you'll be successful. We promise you will be! This short article will walk you through setup. See our other articles or our Memorial User Instructions page to learn everything else you might want to know about using and sharing Memorial.  Step 1, open the box your Memorial tile came in. Each Memorial is individually boxed, and every tile is unique. Unwrap and unbox your beautiful Memorial tile.  Step 2, open your phone camera and scan your tile. Open the camera on your phone or tablet, and point it at the QR code on the tile. Your device will recognize the code and...

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Get to know your loved ones like never before this Christmas ❤️

New features make storytelling easier! Help your mom, dad, grams, gramps, or other loved one tell their story this season. We promise you'll get to know them like never before. We've added new features to Audiobiography, making it easier and funner for people at any age to tell their story and share it forever. Here are a few of the latest things that make the experience better:   Pause / Resume Hemming and hawing can now happen off-mic! We've added pause / resume to our recorder. Pause at any point and resume once you've nailed your train of thought.   Continuous Play Want to play an entire Audiobiography front to back instead of scrolling through individual stories? Now you can...

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