Memorial Coins are the best way to honor those that have moved on

Keep memories alive and all in one easily accessible place using Audiobiography's Memorial Coin. Stamped out of 1/8" metal, our coins last as long as the memories you add to it. Anyone can continue to add content making Memorials a great tool in the mourning process.

  • 1. Clean and Place

    Every Memorial Coin comes with a super sticky double-sided adhesive and a cleaning pad. clean both surfaces then stick and hold for 30 seconds. If it ever falls of or gets damaged, we'll replace it, no questions asked.

  • 2. Scan

    Using your phone's camera, scan the Coin and click on the link that comes up. We walk you through setup and adding your first Tribute. Tributes can include:

    • Audio recordings
    • Video
    • Photos
    • Stories (text)
  • 3. Collaborate

    Memorial is made to be a collaboration tool. Share it with everyone that has a connection to that person so they can add their own memories. You can continue to add content forever, and will be notified when someone visits or adds new content to Memorial.

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Memorial Coin

Memorial Coin

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Keep the memory of someone you love alive by telling their story and sharing their life with others. Our weatherproof QR Code coins attach to headstones and other memorial locations. When scanned with a phone camera, they transport you into the life of your loved one. There's no ongoing fees or subscriptions, no app to install, and setup is fast and easy. You can even start a 30-day free trial right now. Just click the 30-day free trial link and find the button that says 'Start Trial'. 

Here's what comes with Memorial: 

  • Unlimited pictures
  • Unlimited embedded videos
  • Unlimited audio recordings
  • Unlimited written stories and tributes
  • Obituary of any length
  • Unlimited free collaboration and sharing worldwide with family and friends
  • Multiple family members can join as co-owners of the account
  • Lifetime guarantee against damage, lost, theft
  • Free returns and our Happiness Guarantee



Coins are 2" across and very substantial at 1/8" thick.   


How do they attach to the headstone?

Every coin comes packed with a guarded tab of Gorilla's permanent outdoor adhesive. If you are installing on an existing stone or other location and will not be recessing the coin into the monument, simply peel and apply the adhesive tab to the back and press it into place, pressing firmly for at least 30 seconds. For best results and to seal it completely, run clear silicone around the outside edges with your finger.   

For new monuments, it's very simple for your monument maker to recess the coin into place. These are standard military size coins which are commonly inlaid into memorials. 

Because of their low profile combined with their depth and design, they look absolutely great with either method of installation. 


Does this work on any device?

Yes. You can access Memorial from any connected device. Normally our users get started by scanning their own unique coin with their phone camera and following the link. Or by starting a free trial from either their phone or computer (really whatever device you're reading this on will be just fine). Once your account is set up, you can log in to edit or add content from any device. This is super useful especially if pictures and other content is stored in different places. Simply log in to the most convenient computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, and continue adding to Memorial. 


How does the free trial work?

The free trial gives you the full Memorial experience, without having to start with a physical coin in hand. If you love the experience and choose to purchase a coin, you'll simply open the coin from its packaging, scan it with your phone camera, and log in. Once you do we'll recognize automatically that you have a free trial under the same account and we'll ask if you'd like to attach it permanently to the new coin. Just say yes. It's a super easy and totally risk free way to experience Memorial and share it with family and friends prior to making any purchase commitments. And all of the content gathered during the free trial simply is part of the permanent memorial if you move forward.


Do I need to use an app?

No. Memorial is web based. Simply scan with your phone camera, tap the link that appears, and follow from there. You can work on Memorial from any connected device. 


Are there any ongoing fees?

No. Memorial is a one-time purchase. 


How do I share this with family and friends?

Once you're inside Memorial, you'll see a share button. When you tap it on your mobile device, you'll see many share options automatically pop up (text message, email, social media, etc). When you click on the share button from a laptop or computer, it copies the unique link which you can then message, email, or share on social media with family and friends. Anyone who receives the link, no matter how you send it, can view Memorial. And if they'd like to post their own memories and tributes, they simply log in which takes only a few seconds. Memorial is totally free to share and collaborate.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This is so great

This is so great. Thank you so much. It seems like such a great product and I look forward to creating the site and adding to it so my young kids can get to know their Dad as they grow up.

Lacy B.
This was a big priority for my family

This was a big priority for my family. My children are very young and we are using it for their father’s headstone. I appreciate being able to bring some life and light to an otherwise sad place for them! Thank you for this product. - Lacy

Apple User on Etsy Store
I absolutely had to have this for my daughter’s Headstone

I came across this and I’ve never seen or heard anything about anything like this, until I seen it and I absolutely had to have this for my daughter’s Headstone, I absolutely love this so much and can’t wait to place it for her and all her friends and family to see and be able to share their memories of her . This is the greatest idea anybody could have came up with. It’s definitely great quality and it shipped out really fast. Got it within a few days. Thank you to the people who came up with this idea for our loved ones.

Excited to Showcase Memorial

I am excited to showcase these for our monuments. It is a great idea, especially with the vast majority of social media users nowadays 😊

Kalen Thomas
Younger brother

I purchased a Memorial QR Tile for my younger brother who passed away this last year. The tile was easy to set up and we've already uploaded some content. I was able to give access to my parents and siblings so that they can all add content and make edits. We've been really happy with it so far and I think it will make a nice addition to his monument.

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    Grow closer to someone you already love and help future generations grow closer too.

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