Frequently Asked Questions for Memorial Coin

How long do you guarantee the product/software?

Our Memorial Coins are extremely durable and we are confident they will last forever, so we guarantee them for life. Even against theft and abuse. Users have full control over the content they add to the Memorial and we recommend they download the data to have a personal copy. In the event we go out of business, we have an offloading plan in place to redirect the Coins to any site of their choosing (eg. funeral home obituary or a facebook “Memorialized profile”)


Is my Memorial “Private”?

It’s up to you! While anyone can leave a Tribute on a Memorial, you are in full control of what gets shown and to who. Owners will be notified anytime new content is added and you can keep, delete or mark it as private. Only approved users can see private content.


Is it like facebook?

We host the content and anyone who scans a Memorial can see public content, much like facebook. To become an owner or add more content you must create an account with an active email address.


What can I add to a Memorial?

Lots! Information about the person such as:

  • Photo
  • Important dates
  • Hometown
  • Obituary
  • Gravesite location
  • Links to facebook, Family Search and Audiobiography


Users who leave tributes can add any amount of the following:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Audio


How do I access my Memorial? Do I have to download an app?

No, no need to download an app, and in fact, if you have the Audiobiography app you should delete it from your devices. Instead, simply open your phone's camera and point it at the Memorial. You can save the webpage to your devices home screen as well from the browsers options. All of our functionality is on the web so anyone worldwide can move seamlessly between any connected device to access and add or consume content.


Is it easy to setup?

Yes! Scanning a Memorial for the first time walks you through step-by-step to getting everything setup. You can revisit the setup at anytime to make changes as well. 


Can I get this for myself?

Of course! Getting yourself a Memorial Coin is an amazing way to pre-plan and gives you more control over the content you want others to see. 


Who can add Tributes to my Memorial?

Anyone logged into Audiobiography can leave a tribute. As soon as it gets posted, you will receive a notification so you can vet the tribute. Tributes can be marked Public, Private and Archived at anytime giving you full control over the content.


Can there be multiple owners?

Yes! We recommend adding close family members as owners to your Memorial so there is always someone that has control over the content. 


Can I download the tributes? 

Yes. With the click of a button you can have the entire Memorial downloaded to your device. This is a good practice to ensure you always own the content. 


Where is the content stored?

In the cloud. All data is saved and shared back from the cloud so it takes up no room on your device and can be done from anywhere. And you can download a backup at any time from inside the Memorial.


How do I share my Memorial?

Inside the Memorial you'll see a share button at the top of the screen. Tap the share button to share your story via text, email, social media, etc. Viewers/contributors simply click the link you share. No app required. 


Can I add external links to my Memorial? 

Yes. We currently support links to Facebook, Family Search, and your Audiobiography


What is your return policy?

Your happiness is our guarantee. If you aren't delighted with our service, we offer full refunds within 90 days of purchase.


How do I get ahold of you?

Best is to stay in contact with the service that provided the Memorial Coin, but we are always available as well. We have a live chat at email at, or can call (801) 477-7420 anytime.