Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download an app? Is there an app available?

No, no need to download an app, and in fact, if you have the Audiobiography app you should delete it from your devices. Instead, simply login to your phone's web browser. All of our functionality is on the web so anyone worldwide can move seamlessly between any connected device to access and add or consume content. 


Are there instructions?

Yes! Head on over to our full instructions page by clicking here


I'm giving this as a gift. How do I deliver it?

As soon as you check out, we deliver an email to your inbox that includes a unique link to start an Audiobiography. Also, attached to the email is a printable card that includes a unique QR code. You can either print the card and package it however you'd like, or forward the email to the person you're giving the gift to.


What if I have the previous edition of Audiobiography where you start with the physical book?

All of Audiobiography's legacy products are still supported and will be indefinitely! Use your book exactly as you always would have. There are just more audio controls and features within the technology itself. 


Can I get this for myself?

Of course! We had to pick a "narrative path" on our website (the gift giving angle) but many many users buy Audiobiography for themselves. Truth be told, it's the best gift a person can be given, and it's the best gift a person can give. 


Can recordings be deleted and re-recorded?

Yes. You can delete and re-record as much as you'd like.


How much can I record?

There is no recording limit with Audiobiography. Each question can hold an unlimited amount of audio. Recordings are done in ten minute segments, but there is no limit to the number of segments recorded. 


Can recordings be organized? 

Yes. You can rearrange the questions however you'd like, and name and rearrange any recordings within the question. 


You send questions periodically via email?

Yes. But all questions are available from day one, and it's easy to get sucked in working at your own speed. We've found that periodic reminders really keep storytellers on track, so we've created a system that works. But we're built in a way to satisfy all the overachievers out there and also anyone who takes a lifetime to complete their Audiobiography. There are no time limitations whatsoever.


Where is the audio stored?

In the cloud. All audio is saved and played back from the cloud so it takes up no room on your device and can be done from anywhere. And you can download a backup of your entire audio story, including all photos added along the way, at any time from inside your account.


Can I backup my story?

Yes. Click the gear icon within the story inside your account, then click "download". All audio recordings are downloaded neatly into their own folders, along with all associated pictures. The whole process is clean and tidy, and we recommend backing up your story as often as you'd like.


How do I share my story?

Inside your account you'll see a share button and share settings. Tap the share button to share your story via text, email, social media, etc. Listeners simply click the link you share. No app required. 


Can I add an Audiobiography to a genealogical site like Ancestry or Family Search? 

Yes. The simplest way is to post the share link within a profile. Alternatively, you can upload the audio file itself. 


How soon after purchasing will I receive the email with instructions to start?

We send everything to your inbox Immediately. If you’re experiencing any issues, check your spam or promotions folder. And you can always reach us at for a fast response.


What is your return policy?

Your happiness is our guarantee. If you aren't delighted with our service, we offer full refunds within 90 days of purchase. If we've already printed custom books, we cannot return those except for issues with workmanship in which case your books can be refunded or replaced. 


How do I get ahold of you?

Best is to email Alternatively, you can call (801) 477-7420 anytime.