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 Capture the story of someone you love, in their own voice, and share it for generations.

When you buy an Audiobiography, we instantly send everything you need to start your loved one on a path down memory lane. We ask great questions. Storytellers record their answers in their own voice. Setup is easy, and there are no ongoing fees or subscriptions. Click here to see our questions

Upon purchase you'll receive the following

  • An email with a unique link to begin an Audiobiography.
  • A printable card attached to the email that has a QR code on it. This QR code is the same as the link mentioned above. As a gift idea, you can print this card and have your loved one scan it with their phone camera to begin their journey. Or you can simply send them the link via email, text, social, you name it.  

How Audiobiography works

  1. Purchase an Audiobiography for your loved one (or yourself!)
  2. Receive an email with a unique link to get started. 
  3. Once set up, we send an engaging question to their email inbox every week. Click here to see our questions.
  4. They click or tap the link to answer the question in their own voice using any device (any device with a microphone built in, such as a phone or tablet, or virtually any laptop or computer). There is no app to install. 
  5. We deliver a new question every week, for 52 weeks, but they can work ahead or keep the questions coming even after 52 weeks. 
  6. They can answer additional questions, or even create questions of their own. 
  7. Recording is unlimited, and they can attach up to TEN digital photos to every single question. 
  8. All recordings are automatically compiled into a single shareable audio story, just like a personal podcast. By the end of a year, the story of their life is recorded in their own voice. This is an Audiobiography to be cherished for generations. 



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